Thursday, May 20, 2010


It is very scary to think that the "savior" of the world is waiting in the wings.

This savior will arrive when the world is in chaos, when governments are collapsing due to economic misfortunes. This savior will come when earthquakes, volcanic activity, tsunamis, and unprecendented natural disasters affect more than one third of the world.

A handsome creature with charisma and intelligence that commands the attention of the brightest scholar and the lowliest worker, a person that exudes charm and integrity, a benefactor, a humanitarian a person to whom popes and presidents respect.

Waiting in the wings is a man who commands the BANKERS AND THE BANKING INDUSTRY, who is able to with a spoken word transfer wealth instantly to nations and kingdoms.

The secret societies will openly praise this person. The ancient religions will instantly adore this person and claim this person as their savior as well.

The Third Adam is about to make his appearance but WAIT. He cannot come until
that which restrains is taking up and out of the way!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama Speaks

I am just amazed at the infatuation the liberal national media has with Senator Barack Obama. He has taken the place of Brittney Spears, Paris Hilton and Kobe Bryant.

Obama speaks. Everyone listens. They do listen though with a deaf ear for they do not hear what he is saying, but what they want to hear.

Obama was born in my home state. We Hawaiians love everyone. I grew up without prejudice because our family was a melting pot. He is personable and he has charisma. Hawaiians usually do. They are loving and lovable people. The media sees what they want to see, not reality.

Senator Obama has made more goofs and slips of tongue than anyone since Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. He has changed his position and his rhetoric more often than the little car in Mr. Toad's Wild ride at Disneyland. But, nobody cares.

The media is obsessed with electing this young man who has no experience, a strong willed wife, and two adorable daughters to the highest position in the land, because he looks good and he reads his speeches very well.

But then the prompter is turned off, he as one radio commentator said, "he says words in between the ahs, ughs, and ums."

Yes, the Arab nations love him. Why not? He is a cousin. The Europeans love him?
Why not? They love anything that is out of the box. Senator Obama is not a celebrity not a politician. They do not like politicians.

What would make me love Obama... because he is a nice person?

If he would be bold enough to break away from the left wing agenda and be his own man and stand up for the values that made this nation great! He's got it half right. Parents need to take responsibility for the home and become parents to their children.

The second hand, though needs improvement. The spirit of independence, fortitude, innovation and dedication made this nation great. The spirit of patriotism and compassion as well, compassion not only for the whales and the bugs, but for the unborn child or the aged and informed. Compassion for families who have to send their children to public schools in which family values are being chipped away one by one and individual values are being in stilled in the hearts and lives of the children.

When divorces started to soar in the 1960's, the children were made to understand that they should be considerate and have empathy for the classmate that has only a mother or a father. Now the schools have successfully indoctrinated children against the value of having a family, they are teaching them to have empathy for the lesbian family and the homosexual family.

This philosophy is cutting their own necks in generations to come. For the other cutlures who do believe strongly in the family will supercede this culture by leaps and bounds as they continue to have children, to grow strong family focuses around a mother and a father and eventually, take over the politics of the nations good or bad. And America will lose it's identity and will take on the culture and personality of the strong family based immigrant people.

It was common sense to the founding fathers that families are the foundation of any culture.
As the family unit goes so does the society.

When Obama speaks, besides reading the scripts, I hope he truly says something.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Third Adam

I've chosen to write this blog on black - because of the seriousness of this topic.

As you listen to the late night talk shows, more and more, you hear researchers, theologians and scientists affirming that we are living in the end times.

It's not unusually to hear talk of 2012 , the end of the Mayan calender, the topic of conversation whether it is historic or whether it is current or whether it is future.

What will happen in the year 2012? That is 4 years away! And think of it, this is the year 2008 the year of the presidential election.

The nation is being swayed and swooned by a new charismatic figure that seemed to come out of nowhere. Of course, who can blame the nation who has been suffering for the past 7 years because of the lasting effects of 9-11.

Wars and rumors of wars! America has been engaged in over 21 countries. We have sacrificed so much to keep our world free and at peace.

Who is that charismatic personality whom stadiums are being packed, and millions of dollars are being donated monthly to his campaign?

Is he a good person whom God almighty has chosen to be the next leader of this world's greatest nation? Or is he someone whom God almighty will allow to be elected to bring America to its knees in repentance?

Could this person be a forerunner of the third Adam?